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Topfine New Material’s Patent Was Awarded The Title Of China Good Technology

Jun 20, 2018

The results of the 2017 China good technology Campaign, sponsored by the China Association for the promotion of productivity, were announced. Jiangsu Topfine new material technology Ltd's energy saving patent technology, near infrared reflecting titanium dioxide IR-1000, was listed. On the basis of national selection, this activity collected 336 items of scientific and technological innovation products and industrial technological achievements. After the strict evaluation, there are 191 items, which are advanced, practical and close to the people's livelihood, were awarded the title of China good technology.



IR-1000, a patented product cooperated by Donguide group and Inter-China Chemical, is a new energy saving material with excellent performance. This technology has broken the technical monopoly of the international giants, and has the excellent performance that is comparable to international similar products. It has excellent reflective performance, wide range of color application, excellent weather resistance, and has a wide application prospect in energy saving and cooling materials. At present, numbers of downstream enterprises have acquired and developed excellent new application products. And IR-1000 has also been used by some military units. Under the background that national development is paying more and more attention to the concept of green, low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection, the application prospect of IR-1000 market will be broader.

Inter-China Chemical is a technology company that focuses on titanium dioxide products. The subsidiary, Jiangsu Topfine new material Technology Ltd. has been ploughing for many years in the high-end application, frontier application and new materials of titanium dioxide. It keeps achieving important breakthroughs in the industry and has entered the production period of technical achievements. With the continuous industrial transformation of technical innovation achievements, there will be more innovative products come out to meet the high-end demand of the market, which will benefit the society and the public.

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