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Titanium Dioxide CNAS Professional Application Testing Third Party Laboratory Was Born In Zhenjiang

Nov 05, 2017

In October 16, 2017, Inter-China (Inter-China testing & technology Co., Ltd.) got the international recognized laboratory accreditation certificate (Registration No. CNAS L10365) issued by CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. Inter-China got 20 items approved in this accreditation, 48 testing standards were involved.



  This is the first time the laboratory applied for CNAS certification. Relying on the long-term accumulation of professional testing experiences, qualified QC system, and efficient operation, the laboratory passed the certification the first time it applied for the investigation.


  Inter-China Testing& Technology Co., Ltd. as a professional titanium dioxide application testing laboratory with CNAS certification and internationally recognition, breaks the monopoly of international industry giants on titanium dioxide testing technology. It shows that the Chinese enterprises attain the international advanced level in the field of titanium dioxide application test. Titanium dioxide is a widely used, excellent, safe and economic white pigment, and the new functional material of titanium dioxide is being developed. Application testing of titanium dioxide is a kind of professional technology, which is of great significance to product development and application technology service. The international titanium dioxide industry is almost a monopolization mode. The industry giants perform technical blockade of its application testing technology. The breakthrough of Inter-China, contribute to the Chinese titanium dioxide enterprises to improve the quality and efficiency of research and development. It accelerates the upgrading of product’s application performance level, and provides a high level of application testing services. It also provides a high level technical support for China titanium dioxide’s sale and application.


  Inter-China Testing& Technology is a titanium dioxide application test platform built by Inter-China Chemical for many years. In January 2016, Inter-China Testing& Technology passed CMA certification. It has got 83 testing items approved by CMA since then. There are 140 test standards were adopted. It is a domestic leading third party titanium dioxide application test laboratory. It has got 20 items approved in this CNAS certification, which is ahead of other internal laboratories in the industry.


  Inter-China will keep focusing on the downstream needs and actively carry out test item developments that are in line with the market demands. Relying on innovative technology, upgrade equipment and international advanced technical standards, to provide more desirable service. We provide more comprehensive technical support and service for customer's technical improvement, new product development, product application level improvement and so on.

   On the occasion of this milestone moment, Inter-China Chemical expressed heartfelt thanks to the long-term support of all friends!

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