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The Chairman Of Annada Titanium Visits Inter-China Chemical

Nov 05, 2017

In October 27th, Chinaman of Anhui Annada Titanium Industry Co., Ltd Mr. Chen Shuqin visited Inter-China chemical, Chairman Ni Xiaoguang, warmly received distinguished guest.


 Annada Titanium was listed in Shenzhen, stock code: 002136. It is the largest titanium dioxide manufacture in Anhui province. With an annual titanium dioxide output of more than 80,000 tons, it is the backbone enterprise of titanium dioxide industry in China. Annada and Inter-China established strategic partnership since 2002. The two sides stand together regardless of situation and always keep in close cooperation. At the beginning of Inter-China Chemical’s transformation, Annada sent a special gift, a tripod, meaninggenerous help.


Accompanied by Mr. Ni, Mr. Chen Shuqin visited Inter-China's titanium dioxide R & D laboratories, and titanium dioxide application testing laboratory which owns both CMA and CNAS certification. As a senior expert of titanium dioxide industry, Mr. Chen studied Inter-China Chemical’s R & D projects and testing projects, and gave some valuable advices. Mr. Chen spoke highly of Inter-China Chemical recent rapid development in the field of titanium dioxide technology.


The two sides exchanged views on the development trend of global titanium dioxide, discussed the global product development, supply side structural reform and green environmental protection development. And the two sides reached an agreement on principled opinion of technical cooperation.

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