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Technology Innovation, Green Development — Congratulations On The Successful Convening Of The First Forum Of Energy Saving, Green Manufacturing And Application Of Titanium Dioxide Industry In China

Jul 05, 2017

In June 28, 2017, sponsored by the Chinese coating industry association titanium branch, China Industrial Environmental Protection Association, Shandong dawn titanium industry co-organized the First Chinese Titanium Dioxide Industry Energy-saving Green Manufacturing and Application Forum was held in the Moon Bay Sea view Hotel Longkou, Shandong.


The forum invited the Ministry of industry, Ministry of environmental protection, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, industry associations and other relevant leaders and experts to discuss the national policy of environmental protection industry, domestic titanium dioxide production situation and development, energy conservation and emission reduction technology, green technology innovation and other issues. Shandong Doguide group, Shandong dawn, Lomon billion, Jiangsu Taibai group, Inter-China chemical, Ningbo Xin Fu titanium and many other industry enterprises participated the forum.


 Inter-China Chemical Co., Ltd. chairman Ni Xiaoguang made speech of redefine, start again. He redefined the industry views, meaning of sulphate process method, double high stage property, industry development space and other issues. Mr. Ni called on the industry companies to put more effort in the innovation of new materials of titanium dioxide.




At present, China's titanium dioxide industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading. The forum is conducive to encourage enterprise strengthen technological innovation, pay attention to the environment construction, the promotion of energy saving technology, learn the advanced experience of foreign countries, so as to realize the sustainable development of green Chinese titanium dioxide industry.

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