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Technical Visit Of Kunming Donghao Leaders

Mar 30, 2017

March 22th-24th, 2017, Kunming Donghao Chemical Co., Ltd. Executive vice President Shen Honghua, President Assistant Zeng Qingling leading the team conduct a technical visit in Inter-China Chemical.


Mr. Shen and other leaders visited Inter-China Chemical’s R & D lab and titanium dioxide application lab. Dong Hao inspection staffs on-site observation and learning on titanium dioxide application tests.


 During the visit, the technical staff of the two sides discussed the product design, target, laboratory pilot sample and project implementation technical scheme of the cooperation project DR-2588. After discussion, the two sides decided to immediately start DR-2588 production. Inter-china chemical technical staffs get into their position and start working gradually. The two sides technical staff get down to prepare in advance. They plan to formally put into production in mid-April.


DR-2588 introduction

DR-2588 is rutile TiO2, specially designed for high-level plastic application in order to replace its counterpart in the 1st class products. It is super bluish, and has excellent tinting strength, hiding power and high durability. It has very low moisture and oil absorption. Its dispersion and processibility is superb in plastic processing. And it will be available arround mid of this year.

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