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Stand Together Through Storm And Stress, Move Forward With Strong Will —— Inter-China Chemical Hold The 2018 Annual Meeting

Feb 07, 2018

The afternoon of February 2, 2018, Inter-China Chemical hold the 2018 annual meeting in Mingdu hotel which located in Zhenjiang National University Science and Technology Park Dream Lake.

Chairman Ni Xiaoguang made a final report of the year 2017. Mr. Ni described the 2017 major technological progress and achievements of the company as summer flowers bloom, beautiful and bright, and analyzed the reasons and problems of these achievements. Mr. Ni analyzed the opportunities and risks facing in 2018. He identified development goals and work ideas, and proposed solutions to the problems and shortcomings. Mr. Ni also shared the concept of new consumption and the trend of analysis and development. In the end, Ni made a statement on the annual reward scheme.


Chief Engineer Liao Xiangyang made a speech of Move forward for dreams. Mr. Liao demonstrated the company’s product development direction. He called on everyone to adhere to the belief of I can  to action and work, to promote the company to attain higher development goals.


Inter-China Testing & Technology Co., General Manager Wang Ling, Inter-China chemical Assistant General Manager Wang Wei, General Manager of Ningbo branch Chen Qi all made brief speech. They summed up the 2017 annual work problems and deficiencies, expounds the objectives and measures for the year 2018.


The atmosphere of the dinner is warm and active. Everyone kept giving toast to each other, thanking their leaders and partners for the hard won results. The party's new year's lottery pushed the atmosphere to a new high. The numerous prizes prepared by the company attracted the audience's attention. The winners share the joy with the WeChat red packet, which also brings more joy to the people on the scene.



With the promotion of the award, the atmosphere of the scene is getting more and more high, the banquet hall like boiled. The grand prize finally falls on Engineer Xie. In order to give more encouragement to employees, the company cancelled the consolation prize this year, and added the common prize higher value, so that all employees can share the joy.



The 2018 Inter-China Chemical annual Chinese New Year party ended in laughter. We will move forward deeper and further on the road of scientific and technological innovation. In the face of new opportunities and risks, we will be more intelligent, full of enthusiasm, devote more effort and sweat, to meet the challenge, and innovate brilliant.

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