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Shocking: World-class Level Plastic Grade Titanium Dioxide DR-2588 Comes Out The Gospel Of High-end Plastic Manufactures

May 08, 2017

Inter-china chemical co.,ltd and Yunnan Zechang Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. (Kunming Donghao Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.) jointly announced: May 6, 2017, the Formal mass production and promotion of high-end plastic application TiO2 DR-2588 started. In the past three months, using Inter-china Proprietary technology, the two sides overcome the difficulties and successfully transform the technology into DR-2588 productivity, and now production is under control and stable.


DR-2588 is titanium dioxide rutile specially designed for plastic applications. Main features are:


DR-2588 special features :

  • Super bluish undertone and high tinting strength

  • Outstanding dispersion

  • Top-level opacity

  • Excellent processibility

  • Super low volatile at high temperature

  • Good heat stability

  • Good color performance

     The following picture shows the comparison data between DR-2588 and its market counterparts (random sample):


Main applications:

     DR-2588 is recommended widely in various interior plastics applications, such as:

  • Polyolefin master batch, especially high-loading master batch. 

  • Super-thin film & casting film.

  • Engineering plastics.

  • Various plastics which have high request on dispersion and volatile at high temperature.

     Cost-effective DR-2588 will become the best choice for you.     

     Inter-china chemical, the general agency in East China and overseas market, welcome any calls and emails from you.


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