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Schulman Visits Inter-China Chemical

Sep 11, 2017

 In August 29, 2017, Schulman Asia Pacific procurement and supply chain director Mr.Joseph King paid a visit to Inter-China Chemical Co. Ltd.  Inter-China’s chairman and general manager Mr. Ni Xiaoguang, chief engineer of Inter-China Chemical and general manager of Inter-China testing Mr. Liao Xiangyang, and general manager assistant Mr. Chen Peng received Mr. King warmly.舒1.png

 A. Schulman is a public company which was listed on the NASDAQ. Its head office located in Akron, Ohio, owns fifteen plants and more than 2400 employees globally. Its annual sale is about 1.6 billion dollars. A. Schulman is a leading international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds, composites and resins, which are used in a variety of markets. The company’s principal product lines consist of proprietary and custom-formulated engineered plastic compounds, engineered composites, color concentrates and additives that improve the appearance, performance or ability to process plastics in a number of specialized applications.


Chen Peng introduced the Inter-China Chemical’s establishment, development of science and technology and transformation. Mr. King introduced Schulman’s history, product series, market share, and titanium dioxide procurement requirements and so on. Mr. Ni showed Mr. King around the company’s office area, R&D lab and the testing lab. During the visit, Mr. King communicated with Engineer Liao on the technical information of the TiO2 product, the lab’s testing methods, product characteristics and so on.


The two sides exchanged the idea of definition of outstanding titanium dioxide products, discussed the high-end plastic grade TiO2 DR-2588. Engineer Liao introduced the technical characteristics, production processes, quality control system and other aspects of DR-2588. Mr. King highly appreciated the outstanding characteristics of DR-2588 and Inter-China’s efforts on the new TiO2 products’ research and development. The two sides agreed to further strengthen technical exchanges and communication, and Mr.King expressed the willingness to visit the Donghao factory and other matters.


Inter-China chemical is walking on the road of science and technology development, is constantly adjusting and optimization of our own development strategies. We integrate and make full use of technology and product advantages. We assist partners to upgrade their product by our own technological progress. We support our client trade development providing good technical service. Through the trade development, Inter-China finds the new development direction and new resources. The final aim is to establish a complete marketing system, which is built on professional product and marketing, and the core will be professional technical services.

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