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Saint-Gobain Supports Inter-China Chemical On Developing Low-cost Lithium Titanate Production Technology

Feb 07, 2018

Saint - Gobain company is the world's largest grinding beads manufacture. It provide technical support to assist Inter-China Chemical Co. Ltd. in developing lithium titanate project. Saint-gobain plays its leading edge in the grinding beads, and using its advanced laboratory equipment, conducted a series of experiments, and a few of good results. The Inter-China Chemical’s low cost large-scale lithium titanate industrialize technology R&D project can realize to reduce 40% cost of the lithium titanate production.


Kunming Donghao Titanium Industry Co. Ltd and Inter-China Chemical cooperated on this lithium titanate project. It attaches great importance to the Kunming municipal government. The first phase of an annual output of 20 thousand tons of production line will soon start the construction for the year, the realization of mass production. The new technology will greatly reduce the cost, save about 40% of the cost of the existing lithium titanate material. It can reduce the price of lithium titanate to less than 100 thousand yuan per ton.

This will be a perfect professional cooperation between Inter-China Chemical and Saint-Gobain. It will inject new elements to the lithium battery industry, let us wait and see.

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