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Rutile Resources Overview

May 04, 2017

Nanzhao County rutile ore mainly produced in the Permian Guangping group of rock, granulite, Dou Changqi flare rock and marble, the strata east of Yunyang town of Zhu Pingcun, and Fangcheng County Liuhe town rutile Mining area border; to the northwest by the Yunyang Flint, Luming Shan, Guan Shan, Bali Bridge, shop Yang Shulin, left the mountain oil tank, Tumen, Linglong Mountain, Zhang Zhuang, suburban small Dongzhuang to the county east Qingfengshan; by the county west of Luoping Nanshan, Zhou Wan, Guan ditch and other places until the Ma Ping Township in the northwest, have a large area exposed, a total length of about 50 km, the widest 6 km, the narrowest 1 Km (referring to ore-bearing strata). Rutile grade is generally 2%, up to 4.1%. According to the provincial average of 800 meters to provide a total width of 800 meters, 50 meters deep mining estimates, the county rutile ore volume of more than 50 billion tons. This set of ore-bearing strata, according to the size of rutile can be divided into coarse and fine types, of which 90% of coarse grains. Marks, transparent to opaque, with a half gold to metallic luster

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