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Rutile Nature Structure

May 04, 2017

Rutile for the complex quadruple double cone type, often with a good square columnar or needle-like crystal form. Common simple form for the square column m, a and quadratic double cone s, sometimes appear complex square column and complex quadruple double cone. Tetragonal system, P42 / mnm; unit cell parameters: a = 45.9pm, c = 29.6pm; powder data: 3.245 (1) 1.687 (0.5) 2.489 (0.41); hardness 6; specific gravity 4.2-4.3g / cm; Cleavage parallel {110}, complete, parallel {100}, medium. Reddish brown, yellow or black, with light brown to pale yellow streaks, transparent to opaque, with semi-metallic luster to metallic luster

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