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Market Director Of Saint Gobain Xipu Grinding Medium(China District) Visits Inter-China Chemical

Oct 22, 2017

On October 16th, the Market Director of Saint Gobain Xipu grinding medium (China District), the international grinding medium leader, Mr. Liao Jingmei visited the Inter-China chemical. Inter-China Chemical Chairman Ni Xiaoguang, Chief Engineer Liao Xiangyang, GM Assistant Wang Wei warmly received the Director Liao, the two sides had deep technical discussions.


 Mr. Liao Jingmei visited Inter-China Chemical’s titanium dioxide R&D lab and application test lab. He praised the rapid technology development of Inter-China. Both sides discussed the new opportunities brought to the leading enterprises’ technology and products in the new circumstances of supply side reform. It is agreed that high-end materials and products needs more efforts in application technology area, which will provide stronger technical support for customers’ product innovation. Enterprises could achieve new development in helping customer to realize their transformation and upgrading.


Zirconium grinding beads from Saint Gobain is an excellent grinding medium. It has been widely used in powder production and the relevant downstream applications. Inter-China confirmed that Saint Gobain’s product played an important role in particle size controlling in the DR-2588’s production. The two sides agreed to strengthen technical cooperation. Director Liao expressed it should further make use of excellent experimental conditions and rich experience of Saint Gobain’s Shanghai technology center. It provides more support for Inter-China in product R&D, and meets their needs in grinding technology. The two sides will deepen cooperation on titanium dioxide grinding technology, and develop advanced dispersion technology that can meet various requirements in titanium dioxide production process. Inter-China keeps on exploring technical services new model, striving to contribute to China titanium dioxide product development.

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