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Lomon Billion Group Deyang Base And Inter-China Carry Out Technical Communication

Oct 19, 2017

Recently, Lomon Billion Group’s subordinate research institute, Deyang institute, enhanced technical communication with Inter-China Chemical. At the beginning of September, Dr. Zhang Yurong from Deyang institute paid a visit to Inter-China. And at the beginning of October, the general manager Yao Hengping from Lomon Billion Group’s Deyang production base and Inter-China’s leadership discussed the development of product.

 On October 12th, Inter-China Chemical Chairman and General Manager Ni Xiaoguang, Vice Chairman Fa Xiang were invited to visit the Deyang production base. General Manager Yao Hengping and Dr. Zhang Yurong warmly received the guests. Chairman Ni Xiaoguang briefly shared his understanding of China TiO2’s status, development space, development direction and method. Mr. Ni put forward the idea of ‘corner overtaking’ in the China titanium dioxide industry, which was highly appraised.


 Through the communication, both two sides were inspired that we our technology strength is not weak. Some research results Inter-China Chemical achieved were also studied by Lomon before. It reflects that the technology of our industry is too scattered, just the same situation as the titanium dioxide production capacity’s dispersion. How to integrate the technical strength of inside and outside the industry, enhance the innovation ability and speed up the innovation is an important subject.

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