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Liao Xiangyang, The General Engineer Of Inter-China Chemical, Was Selected As A Member Of The National Industry Expert Group

Jan 09, 2018

Inter-China Chemical recently received a notice from China Coatings Association Titanium Dioxide Branch that the association decided to make adjustments to titanium dioxide industry expert group, Mr. Liao Xiangyang, chief engineer of Inter-China Chemical Co., Ltd., was selected. Mr. Liao becomes member of Chinese Coating Association titanium dioxide Branch expert group.


Mr. Liao Xiangyang, Chemical engineer, graduated from the major of chemical engineering and technology of Wuhan Institute of Chemical Technology in June 2000. He is the chief engineer of Inter-China Chemical Co. Ltd., general manager of Jiangsu Topfine new materials science and technology Co. Ltd., Chairman and head of technology department of Zhenjiang Inter-China testing and technology Co. Ltd. (CMA certification No. 161014230023, CNAS registration CNAS L10365). Mr. Liao was committed to titanium dioxide and derivative product R & D, testing and production management, the long-term in-depth study on surface morphology and size control, TiO2 doped and TiO2 particles coating, titanium dioxide application test. There are 20 patents for inventions have been applied (3 of which are authorized to invent the patent). He presided over the development of the near infrared reflecting titanium dioxide, and implement production in Shandong Donguide group, breaking the monopoly of foreign products. The product promotes the development of reflective thermal insulation coatings in the coating industry. The high-end plastic grade rutile DR-2588, which also presided by Mr. Liao, received praise in the downstream users. It has led to the construction of the first third party titanium dioxide application testing laboratory, which is also the first who obtain both domestic and international dual certification in the titanium dioxide industry.


Chairman Ni Xiaoguang said:’ The news that Mr Liao Xiangyang was selected as experts of national industry experts shows the industry acknowledge of Mr. Liao Xiangyang and Inter-China Chemical’s technology development capabilities and achievements. Under the leadership of Liao Xiangyang, the technical team of the company is constantly making breakthrough. We are confident that we will make new contributions to the development of the industry.


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