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Leaders Of Qinghai Golmud Industry Development Zone Inspect Inter-China Chemical

Oct 15, 2018

On October 14th, Zhuzhenwei, vice-director of Golmud Industry Development Zone came to Jiangsu Zhenjiang Inter-China Chemical for inspection. Chairman, Ni xiaoguang and other leaders gave warmly welcome.


Chairman, Ni xiaoguang introduced the company situation to Director Zhu. Especially, Topfine New Materials Science & Technology ‘s research results in titanium dioxide new material field, and development of research results connected to enterprises in Golmud.


Director Zhu introduced development of Golmud to Chairman Ni. Golmud located in Qaidam Basin, which rich in resources, known as“cornucopia”. Recently, Golmud has focused on developing new materials, such as: lithium, magnesium, nickel, cobalt.


Topfine New Materials Science& Technology, subsidiary of Inter-China Chemical went through preliminary technical communication and experiment with Golmud new material enterprise, it made well progress. Topfine recently is handling procedures of setting up subsidiary as a research base, which will be set up in the Golmud Industrial development zone.

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