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Jiangsu Topfine Entering The Provincial Cultivated New High-tech Enterprise List

Dec 18, 2017

Recently, the draft list, which Jiangsu provincial finance department and the department of science and technology jointly developed,List of 2017 Jiangsu provincial cultivated new high-tech enterprises,has finished its publicity period. At the same time, the Zhenjiang Finance Bureau and the Bureau of science and technology also publicized theZhenjiang 2017 annual capital allocation scheme on fostering provincial and local high-tech enterprises.Jiangsu Topfine New material Technology Co., a wholly owned subsidiary by Inter-China Chemical Co. Ltd., was on the both lists.



In 2016, Inter-China Chemical creates the target of building Jiangsu Topfine into national new high-tech enterprise. It carried out asset reorganization. At the same time the enterprise changed its name into the current name. Then, the company has increased the investment of resources on Jiangsu Topfine. Topfine was further equipped with sophisticated testing instruments and enlarge the technological team for research and testing.It can perform the simulation test of sulphate process titanium dioxide production and titanium dioxide application test.

After nearly a year of construction, the Topfine achieved fruitful achievements in technology and trade. So far,it has obtained two national technology patents, submitted 31 technology invention patent applications, successfully transformed two items of research fruit into production. And it achieved breakthroughs in the green coating titanium dioxide, non-toxic paint, and new energy materials research and development. The laboratory has developed into the global only independent third party titanium dioxide application test laboratory owns CMA and CNAS certification. It has firmly established technical leading position in the industry. On trade, new products have gained consistent recognition of excellent high performance price ratio from the market and customers. Sales greatly increased, that laid a solid foundation for the healthy development of technology and trade.

Inter-China Chemical will continue to increase the investment on hardware and software of Topfine, and strive to use shortest time to build Topfine into the national new high-tech enterprises.

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