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Inter-China Chemical Visited Changzhou Pulaike Hongmei Masterbatch Co., Ltd

Aug 14, 2017

In August 10, 2017, the General Manager Assistant of Inter-China Chemical, Mr.Wang Wei, and Senior Application Engineer Mr. Xie Hongwei visited Changzhou Pulaike Hongmei masterbatch Co. Ltd. The Chairman Mr. Yao Yuping warmly received the guests. 


Changzhou Pulaike Hongmei masterbatch Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou high tech Development Zone. It is the earliest masterbatch R & D and manufacturing enterprises. It’s also the largest polyolefin masterbatch and functional masterbatch manufacturer in East of China. From 2014, the company has introduced 6 sets of continuous mixer production line from the United States and Germany. All the sets was produced by by international top professional manufacturers. It devoted themselves to the R & D and manufacturing of high-grade masterbatch for about 26 years.



Chairman Yao accompanied Mr. Wang and Mr. Xie visited the Pulaike’s workshop, quality control room and R&D lab. Yao shared his view on the technology development situation and trend of masterbatch. Mr. Wang introduced to the rutile titanium dioxide DR-2588. DR-2588 is a successful cooperation fruit cooperated by Yunnan Zechang and Inter-China. Mr. Wang also introduced the DR-2588s supply and market development, the product characteristics, the quality control system, technical service system and so on. The two sides also conducted in-depth discussions on the application of DR-2588. Mr. Wang also warmly invited Yao Dong to visit Inter-China Chemical in the near future.

      Inter-China chemical is walking on the road of science and technology development, is constantly adjusting and optimization of our own development strategies. We integrate and make full use of technology and product advantages. We assist partners to upgrade their product by our own technological progress. We support our client trade development providing good technical service. Through the trade development, Inter-China finds the new development direction and new resources. The final aim is to establish a complete marketing system, which is built on professional product and marketing, and the core will be professional technical services. 

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