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Inter-China Chemical’s Innovative Product Attracts Massive Attention In Chinaplas 2018

May 02, 2018

24th, April, 2018 Chinaplas is grandly held at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). Various black technology and innovative products appear attracting eyes.Inter-China Chemical Co., Ltd, carrying its patent product the energy-saving & cooling material IR1000, a infrared reflecting material and high-end plastic rutile TiO2, DR-2588, attend this annual big show in plastic industry in Shanghai.



Before its opening, some overseas customers visit Inter-China and its professional and well-equipped testing lab purposely and showed their great appreciation on Inter-China’s top technology and special products in tio2 industry. Mr. Omar from ASTRA POLYMERS TURKEY also come to visit. ASTRA GROUP is a multinational enterprises emphasizing on product R&D, technological innovation. Mr. Omar has been always committing to improving product technology competitiveness.Mr. Omar praises that Inter-China 3rd-party application lab ability is beyond imagination and is very practical and advanced.At the same time, Mr. Omar expresses his high degree of recognition on Inter-China’s core mission that is "Dedicated to the progress of titanium dioxide technology, improve the quality of human life” The customers are full of confidence in the cooperation after inspection.



The huge advertisement board of IR - 1000 and DR - 2588 outside the pavilion NO.5.2H and poster in booth No.8.2C86 were attracted the attentions from domestic and abroad businessmen during the exhibition. The excellent properties and qualities of IR-1000 & DR-2588 special the comparable advantages VS international well-known products appeal to the focus from downstream enterprises.


A continuous steam of guests stood in front of the near infrared experimental demonstration device to learn the details. And all showed great interesting in the Inter-China Chemical’s patent product IR-1000. Developed in cooperation with Donguide group, IR-1000 is a near infrared reflective material comparable to the performance of international similar products. Under the trend of promoting green, low-carbon, energy saving and environmental protection, it has broad market applications. Since the product launched, some enterprises have developed unique application products by adding IR-1000. And the product has also been applied in some military products.


Through independent research and development, Inter-China Chemical presents the market the high-end plastic grade rutile titanium dioxide DR-2588. The product was put into production by Zechang in 2017. With the international advanced level of properties performance, and FAD approbation, DR-2588 has a broad application and development space. Since it was launched, its excellent cost-effective performance has been favored by more and more downstream customers.


CHINAPLAS was first held by Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. from 1983, has been the biggest international rubber and plastic exhibition of Asia, and the second of the world. It congregated 3948 exhibitors from 40 countries and regions took part in the four-days, exceeded 300,000sqm for the first time, and reached 340,000sqm on the scale.With the theme “New Age, New Era, New Technology”, CHINAPLAS takes the new technology, new blood from series of new products as the new starting points to open up new horizons, and create new future.


Inter-China Chemical is a technology company focus on Titanium products, made breakthroughs in Tio2 advanced application, foremost application, and news materials, and has pushed into the production period of technical achievements. In future, Inter-China Chemical will provide some mature innovative products to meet the needs of high-end market every year, and with the continuous transformation of technological innovation achievements, Inter-China Chemical will have more new products to support the downstream industry development through CHINAPLAS.

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