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Inter-China Chemical Participates In The Inaugural Meeting Of Jiangsu Coating Industry Association Branch Of Architectural Paints, Becoming A Founding Member

Jul 26, 2017

In April 27, 2017, the inaugural meeting of JCIA (Jiangsu coating industry association) architectural coatings branch, which is also the third annual meeting of JCIA , was held in Tiande Lake hotel Taizhou, Jiangsu.


The main agenda of this session including: to review the work report of the second board of the Council ; to consider the work ideas of 2017; to elect the third council; to establish JCIA’s architectural coatings branch and elect the first council. In the meeting, China paint industry magazine editor, senior engineer Chen Hong and other experts, scholars all had made special reports in succession.



Assistant General Manager Mr. Wang Wei, as Inter-China Chemical’s representative, took with patented technology products "near-infrared reflecting TiO2 IR-1000” took part in the meeting. Mr. Wang had exchanged opinions widely with experts, and paint industry participants representatives. Regarding IR-1000’s characteristics, industry application prospects, the product development and other aspects, they had carried out a in-depth idea exchanges and communication.


As the founding member of JCIA’s architectural coatings branch, Inter-China Chemical will communicate and cooperate with Jiangsu architectural coating enterprises on product development, testing services, new materials technology and other aspects, which will Jointly promote the innovation and development of Jiangsu architectural coatings industry.

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