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Inter-China Chemical Launched The High-end Green Water-based Paint Grade Rutile Titanium Dioxide Manufacturing Technology, And Searching For Partner Enterprise To Transmit The Technology Into Producti

Dec 31, 2017

Entering year 2018, everything looks fresh and gay! Inter-China chemical takes practical action to extend the new year greets and gifts to the industry peers by providing a high-end green water-based paint TiO2 project in the new year. This technology will achieve low VOC emission and reach "zero" VOC emission under certain conditions, and other indicators will reach or close to an internationally famous grade R-XX6. On request by business partners, Inter-China chemical has completed R & D and pilot production in September 2017. The grade is named of XXR-311. And it was propagandized in CHINACOAT 2017, and gained much attention and expectation from downstream customers.


Low emission and zero emission are the development trends of the coatings industry, and will become a huge demand field. It is an epochal issue and a great opportunity for titanium and white products to better meet and serve the customers of water-based coatings. It is reported, the pollution of organic volatile substances (VOC) released by traditional solvent borne coatings during production and operation has become the main source of pollution in cities becides automobiles. As one of the alternatives of traditional solvent borne coatings, waterborne coatings can reduce VOC emissions, reduce harmful waste and minimize workers' exposure to toxic releases. In the 13th Five-Year period, the country will strengthen the control of nitrogen oxides emissions and CO VOC. The industrial coating category of cars, ships, containers, furniture, construction machinery, steel structure and material production seven points all companies are required to perform VOC occupation management summary. Environmentally friendly low VOC coatings will usher in a "warm spring", catch up with the real water-based paint coating industry is expected to appear, the trend goes hand in hand.


To assist the product progress of industries and enterprises, to embrace the water environmental protection needs spring, Inter-China chemical decided development technology cooperation enterprises to change the previous exclusive manufacturing practices, this technology in the industry transformation is not more than 5 license production lines, make technical progress to more enterprises to upgrade to create conditions. The project technical service content includes: products R & D, production transformation test, detection method designing and training, product production transformation and implementation of process planning, production stability control on six aspects of the whole process of technical services. The successful cases are: Shandong Donguide group IR-1000, Kunming DongHao DR-2588. We propose to partner company to take innovative thinking in the transformation of production technology. When we determine the name of this technology, we named the product as "R-GW0" (rutile grade TiO2 for green water-based coatings design).


We welcome the interest in this technology cooperation, titanium dioxide production enterprises with conditions of implementation (or lack of partial conditions to be willing to transform), and cooperate with our company. There are two lines of production in the negotiation, we will be in accordance with the signing of the cooperation agreement time in order to carry out the transformation of the implementation.

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