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Inter-China Chemical Announces Changes Of The Shareholders

Jun 20, 2018

May 21, 2018, Inter-China Chemical held a shareholder meeting. The meeting formed a major resolution: Mr. FA Xiang, the founder of the company, transferred his shares to Mr. Ni Xiaoguang, who is also the founder and shareholder, for personal reasons. And the shares of other shareholders were not changed. The transfer was completed in May 30, 2018. Mr. Ni Xiaoguang held the company's shares up to 68% and continued to serve as Chairman and CEO of the company. The transfer does not have any adverse effects on the company operation.

The company board of shareholders and management team agreed to thank Mr. Fa Xiang for his transfer and his long-term contribution to the development of the company. Mr. Ni Xiaoguang said that the transfer opened a new page in the company's development and made a significant contribution to the management team. After the transfer, the shareholders will need to discuss the issue of stock right, formulate a road map of the advanced partner system. It will inject strong impetus into the development of the company. The management team should take this opportunity to discuss and formulate the new ten year company development plan, and push the development of the company to a new height.

Inter-China Chemical specializes in titanium dioxide products for nearly twenty years. We adhere to severe vertical development and form a cycle development mode of test, R & D and sales. The excellent achievements and abundant technological accumulation have been achieved in the field of high-end titanium dioxide and new titanium dioxide materials. We have successfully transformed into a leading technology enterprise. We believe that with the strong support of our partners, through our continuous technological innovation, our company will create more value for partners, employees and shareholders.

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