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Good News:Inter-China Chemical Won The Third Prize Of Progress In Science And Technology In Zhenjiang

Nov 09, 2017

Recently, Zhenjiang Municipal Government announced the winners of each award of "2016 Zhenjiang Science and Technology Award". Jiangsu INTER-CHINA CHEMICAL Technology Co., Ltd. won the honorary title of "Research and Development and Industrialization of Near Infrared Reflective Titanium Dioxide Materials for Reflective Insulation" Award.


The award is based on "Zhenjiang Science and Technology Award" (Town Government Regulation [2015] No. 1), the city government authorized Zhenjiang Municipal Science and Technology Bureau to implement. The selection of all participating projects are universities and colleges, with considerable scientific research strength of large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions, as well as some small and medium-sized technology innovation enterprises, covering all aspects of social and economic. Scientific and rigorous review and finalization of the list of winners will be drawn up, of which: Zhenjiang City Science and Technology Outstanding Contribution Award to be awarded talents 2, Zhenjiang City, science and technology innovation outstanding enterprise award-winning enterprises 2, Zhenjiang Science and Technology Progress Award Awards 2, 1, 2, 3 to be awarded prizes 66 projects.

In the course of business growth and development, Jiangsu INTER-CHINA CHEMICAL Technology Co., Ltd. has continuously increased its investment in scientific research and set up a research team with rich R & D work experience. It has successfully developed a series of research projects, such as "Reflective Insulation for Breaking International Monopoly and Filling the Domestic Market" Near-infrared reflective titanium dioxide material production technology ", and made a national technology patents. This technology has been cooperated with Shandong Dongjia Group, a well-known enterprise in the domestic titanium dioxide industry. The technology was transformed and produced successfully. The products were praised by the market after being put on the market. Many domestic and foreign well-known paint companies and military research institutes have conducted sampling tests. Some enterprises have purchased in batches use.

Since the successful transformation of formal science and technology in the beginning of 2016, Pan-China Chemistry has achieved continuous scientific and technological innovations. Up till now, it has won two national patents for inventions, submitted 15 invention patent applications and developed 2 new products through technological cooperation. With the promotion of the " The strength of the continuous development and growth, will certainly be able to make greater achievements in scientific research.

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