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Five New Trends In The Development Of Titanium Dioxide Industry In China

Feb 26, 2018

Through communicating with industry enterprises and researching on industry information, Inter-China Chemical believed that the titanium dioxide industry in China is taking a gratifying change in the environment of the structural reform of the supply side. There are five new trends in the industry:


1. The accelerated developed chloride process TiO2 will replace a large proportion of sulphate one in the next 5 to 10 years.

2. Quality is continuously improved. The white pigmentary performance is close to perfect. The application performance is constantly upgraded and subdivided.

3. There will be more obvious changes in every aspect of TiO2 industry, such as the size, brand, quality and product structure.

4. Titanium product is more diversified and even cross industry boundary.

5. The low-end capacity is difficult to survive, and will be phased out.

We believe that: the five trend indicates that the enterprises in the industry will pay more attention to the development of technology and the product innovation. And the competition in the industry will be more intensified. It means that a new era of China titanium dioxide is coming.

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