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Documentary Wonderful! China Titanium Will Premiere On CCTV

Oct 12, 2018

China Central Television (CCTV) will premiere the large-scale documentary Wonderful! China Titanium on October 21 in the Discovery Travel Channel "Humanities China" column, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the development of the titanium dioxide industry in China. The documentary was planned by China Coatings Industry Association Titanium Dioxide Branch Deputy Secretary-General Fu Yijiang. A lot of excellent enterprises of China titanium dioxide industry take part in the filming.



Broadcasting schedule:

Episode one "Industry Forerunner"

Premiere: October 21st (Sunday) 20:45

Replay: October 22nd (Monday) 06:05 10:45

Episode two "Technology Chapter"

Premiere: October 28th (Sunday) 20:45

Replay: October 29th (Monday) 06:05 10:45

The documentary reviews the 60 years development of China titanium dioxide industry. It reflects the industry trends, market changes and the status of representative enterprises. The various applications of titanium dioxide products and various new "titanium" products are presented in the film.




Inter-China Chemical Co., Ltd., who owns cutting-edge technology of titanium, focusing on titanium product. It was reported in the first episode of the documentary. The company has achieved breakthroughs in the R&D of high-end application performance titanium dioxide, environmental-friendly and non-toxic titanium color pigments, photocatalysis and heavy metal adsorption nano material, new energy materials, etc. It obtained a number of national technical patents. The Documentary photographed at Inter-China’s R&D Laboratory, CNAS and CMA certified third-party titanium dioxide application testing laboratory, which demonstrated the company's technical strength and different development path.

More details will be presented at CCTV discovery travel channel "humanity China" column at 20:45 on October 21st.

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