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China Masterbatch Industry Favored New Technology Products From Inter-China Chemical

Oct 19, 2017

On October 2017 11~13, 2017 national plastic coloring and masterbatch academic technology and information exchange, which is also known as the 24th Chinese masterbatch industry annual meeting was held in Xi'an.


The annual meeting attracted hundreds of companies from all over the country. About 400 experts and professors from research institutes and enterprises attended the meeting. Related topic speeches were made by industry experts and professors at the meeting. At the exchange meeting, many experts, professors and business representatives conducted in-depth and candid exchanges on issues of common concern, such as technology, trade and development trends. The attendees said they had benefited a lot.


Inter-China chemical take core patented technology products "near infrared reflectance titanium dioxide IR-1000, high-end plastic grade titanium dioxide DR-2588 to attend the meeting. The two high-end products were highly concerned by the attendees. Many enterprises have been consulting product information, asking for product technical information and samples. DR-2588 has achieved good sales performance in the market. There are many large enterprises already entered the purchase stage. Product quality has been recognition and praise by customers.


Inter-China adheres to the idea of Improve the progress of TiO2 technology and lift the quality of human life. We continuously adjust and optimize the development strategy, actively develop green environmental protection new material. We take technology as a link, to assist partners to improve their product quality. We effectively integrates supply chain, to establish professional sales service system by professionalize marketing and technical service. We are committed ourselves to providing customers with more high-quality green environmental protection, low-carbon energy-saving new technologies and innovative materials.

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