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Chairman Ni Xiaoguang Said:The News That Mr Liao Xiangyang Was Selected As Experts Of National Industry Experts Shows The Industry Acknowledge Of Mr. Liao Xiangyang And Inter-China Chemical’s Techno

Feb 06, 2018

January 22th & 23th, the leaders from Kunming Committee of Industry and Information Technology and from Fumin County of Yunnan Province made a special trip to Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province. They are here to investigate the new project of Low-cost lithium titanate industrialization of Jiangsu Topfine New Materials Science & Technology Co., Ltd.. Kunming Donghao Titanium Industry Ltd. which declares this technical cooperation to the local Kunming government also joins the group. As well as Professor Yiting Feng of Anhui University of Technology, the well-known expert in lithium industry, makes his special trip with them for the Industry-Academia-Research study.


As Inter-China Chemical Co., Ltd’s holding subsidiary, Topfine New Material is a technology-focused companies. Ni Xiaoguang, Chairman of Inter-China Chemical introduced that Inter-China Chemical start the transformation to a Technology company since 2012.At present, the company has formed the development model of "small while capable+ vertical + light asset". The R&D, testing and trade form a close-loop in the company, with which Inter-China chemical now established close contacts with the upstream and downstream high-end manufactures.The company is not satisfied with development in the TiO2 field, but is focus more on cross-border development: Topfine New Material development:  New energy materials, energy-saving materials and environmental protection materials; 3rd-party testing lab Inter-China testing begins to establish horizontal relations in the testing industry in order to seek more cooperation; With the fruits of R&D transformation, Trading also develops to new areas.


National Titanium Industry expert Liao Xiangyang (Inter-China Chemical chief engineer, general manager of Topfine New Material) make a special report to the government leaders on the development of lithium titanate project.He introduced: Based on the in-depth study and understanding of the crystal of titanium dioxide, we take the most direct way to lower the cost of equipment retrofit and lower energy consumption and emissions in order to manufacture lithium titanate within one completed processing.The new technology will greatly reduce costs by saving 40% of the existing lithium titanate cost. This helps lower the price of final lithium titanate to¥100,000/mt but with a reasonable margin at the same time and achieve a production capacity of more than 20,000mt per year on a single line.We are launching a lithium titanate manufacturing revolution to speed up the development of lithium-ion industry.Topfine New Material has been studying how to directly produce lithium titanate on an existing titanium dioxide production line since 2014. R&D test started in 2015. So far the product has been finalized and the performance reaches the domestic advanced level. Production control parameters are determined. Once the soft- bag test is completed, the production can be transformed into mass production at once.During the reporting, Liao Xiangyang shared the study of new materials lithium titanate battery market; application fields and development blueprint. Mr. Liao also demonstrated 3rd-party testing reports and self-testing datas.Professor Yiting Feng made a supplementary speech. He fully affirmed the R&D fruits of Topfine New Material and analyzed the application fields of lithium titanate. He pointed out that lithium titanate batteries have unique advantages in the field of electricity storage and are of great significance to Yunnan Province.


Zhu Wei, County Head of Fumin; Yu Xiongzhong, Department Director of committee of Industry and Information Technology from Kunming City; Yang Jihua, Deputy Director of Materials Industry Department; They carefully examined the new materials research and development lab and lithium testing lab.They looked over the new report, filing information, Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation Agreement; Internal and external inspection reports on trial sample.The three parties discussed the application and development of the products in detail and discussed the conditions and date of the project implementation. All parties indicated that they will speed up the progress and strive for the early implementation of the project.


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