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To Create A New Grade: Annada Creates Green Coating Titanium Dioxide

Apr 03, 2018

In March 26th, AnHui Annada Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. announced signing technical cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Topfine new material technology Co., Ltd. The high-end green coating titanium dioxide project is planned to be launched within nine months.


The co-developed high-end green coatings TiO2 grade is named as "ATR-311". The product’s technical designing concept is to develop a product whose quality is in the leading place of domestic and international market, and the main performance indexes reach the standard of the same kind of international famous brand. The product owns the following properties:

High whiteness, high tinting strength, high electrical resistivity, low oil absorption.

High weather resistance, high gloss, high dispersion and high opacity.

Low VOCs emission (even zero VOCs can be achieved in certain dispersion conditions).

It is specially used in all kinds of high-end green coatings, such as  water based coatings, powder coatings, liquid solvent free coatings, high solid content coatings and so on. The application performance meets the national standard of water-based coatings and meets the requirements of the new national standard for children coatings.


Low VOC emission and zero VOC emission are the development direction of coating industry. It is an important topic, and also an opportunity for China titanium dioxide industry to research and development of special product that meets the high performance requirements of green coatings. The organic volatile matter (VOC) pollution of traditional solvent base of coatings is the second major source of air pollution in cities. Water based coatings can effectively reduce VOC emission, and reduce the chance of workers’ exposure to toxic releases and hazardous waste. During the "13th Five-Year" period, the state will control the total nitrogen oxides and VOC of all related industries and coordinate emissions reduction, and the low VOC environmentally friendly coatings will enter in a high-speed development period.

As a technical oriented company, Jiangsu Topfine is committed to the research and development of new green titanium dioxide. It has successfully developed near infrared reflecting titanium dioxide IR-1000, new energy material "lithium titanate", green pigment and so on. The company has got many technological inventions patents.

The ATR-311 has finished all the R & D and customized transformation test in 2017. The performance of the sample has reached and partly exceeded the standard of international competitive products. According to the agreement, the ART-311 will be transferred to the trial production stage at the factory. It is believed that the launching of ATR-311 will greatly boost the development of green coatings.

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