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Nano Titanium Dioxide (rutile)

Jul 07, 2018

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: Nano titanium dioxide (rutile)

  • Grade Standard: Industrial Grade

  • Transport Package: Shipped in 5 Days After Payment

  • Origin:  China (Mainland)

  • Classification: Titanium Dioxide

  • Quality: First Class

  • Specification: 25KG/package

Product Description

Nano titanium dioxide (rutile)
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Product Description


Nano titanium dioxide, also known as nano titanium dioxide. From the size, usually produce significant changes in physical and chemical properties of fine particles in the size of 0.1 microns (1 meters =100 cm, 1 cm =10000 micron, 1 micron nano =1000, nano =10 1 angstroms), TiO2 below 100 nm, the appearance of white loose powder. The utility model has the advantages of anti ultraviolet ray, antibiosis, self-cleaning and anti aging effect, and can be used in the fields of cosmetics, functional fibers, plastics, printing ink, paint, paint, fine ceramics, antibacterial materials, etc.





Application characteristics


1 nano titanium dioxide particle size uniformity, good dispersion and strong photocatalytic effect.

2 nanometer titanium dioxide non-toxic, has the very strong photocatalysis, the shielding ultraviolet ray ability and the excellent transparency, as a kind of new material has been widely used in cosmetics, sunscreen and other products;

The application of nano titanium dioxide 3 in plastics, rubber and fiber products, it can improve the ability of anti-aging, anti pulverization ability, weathering resistance and the strength of the product, while maintaining product color gloss, long service period;

4 nanometer titanium dioxide used in ink, paint, textile, can be very good to improve its adhesion, aging resistance, scrub resistance;

5 lipophilic nano titanium dioxide, can be well dispersed in organic solvents and plastic resin;

6 nano titanium dioxide used in the paper industry, can improve the printability and permeability;

7 can also be applied to the metallurgical and aerospace industries




Physical picture




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